Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Woman With A Secret by Sophie Hannah

Damon Blundy has been murdered.  Since he is a famous columnist and widely known, the police are under added pressure to solve his murder.  Who could have killed him?  Blundy was one of those opinion shapers who seemed to thrive on saying anything outrageous as long as it kept him in the limelight.  His notoriety was similar to that of an Ann Coulter or Michael Moore in the United States.  Love him or hate him, he was indifferent, but just be aware of him.

With such a controversial figure, the police have multiple possible suspects.  Was it one of his ex-wives, who had been skewered in his columns repeatedly?  Was it the disgraced athlete who was banned from professional sports for taking performance-enhancing drugs?  The author who Blundy seemed to have singled out for scathing reviews?  The female politician whose numerous affairs and maternal instincts Blundy had publicized?

Or was it someone who didn't even know him; someone who read his column daily and fancied themselves a fan?  The police noticed a woman whose sheer number of comments and support of Blundy made her stand out.  When they find she has recently moved to Blundy's town and is seen by police on the CCTV camera footage the day of the murder, she moves to the top of their list.  Is she a valid suspect or are her own secrets wasting valuable investigative time?

Sophie Hannah has written a compelling mystery that asks us what is the effect of living with secrets?  We all have them.  Are they always corrosive to our lives and relationships, or do they add a needed pressure valve that allows us to interact with others?  As the police peel back layers upon layers of lies and deception, the reader is pulled along to the surprising conclusion.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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Secrets can be both beneficial and harmful in my opinion ... it depends on the situation.

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