Monday, February 9, 2015

Love By The Book by Melissa Pimentel

How can it be so hard to find a man to date and have great sex with when you don't want any attachments?  That's the dilemma Lauren Cunningham has.  She has left her home and family in Maine to live life as a carefree single woman in her dream job in London.  Lauren thought the whole single London scene would be full of dreamy Englishmen and variety would be the spice of life.  Alas, while she has met a few men, none fit her criteria for long-term sex partners.

So Lauren decides to take a systematic approach.  She decides that she will spend the next year devoting each month to a different dating advice manual.  She goes from being celibate for a month to the advice of a high priced call girl.  She tries being aloof from men and being totally available.  She enters the world of online dating.  She visits old loves and meets new ones.  But, nothing seems to work or at least not for long.  Will Lauren ever meet the man of her dreams?

Fans of Jill Mansell will enjoy this light romantic romp as it is written in the same breezy style with the same self-effacing humor.  It allows those who are already in long-term relationships to reminisce while giving hope to those still on the hunt for a romantic relationship.  It is a particularly appropriate read here in the days leading up to Valentine's Day when we question what love is and why we want someone else to spend our days with.  This book is recommended for readers of chick lit and those interested in a light, interesting read.

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