Saturday, June 2, 2012

North Carolina Tribute Month

I am lucky enough to live in one of the best states in the country, North Carolina.  We have it all.  There are beaches with wide sandy shores and mountains with steep climbs and gorgeous foliage.  There are bustling cities and rural paradises.  We have a thriving public university system and a large community college system.  Did I mention the North Carolina Tarheels, one of my obsessions outside of reading?  There is wonderful seafood, barbecue and apple butter from the mountains.  There is a thriving pottery industry and some of the most beautiful furniture every created.

North Carolina also has wonderful authors.  Some of these include Clyde Edgerton, Betsy Byar, Srah Dessen, Charles Frazier, Kaye Gibbons, Margaret Maron, Tom Robbins, O'Henry, Maya Angelou, Orson Scott Card, Doris Betts, Fred Chapell and Patricia Cornwell.  Others are Marianne Gingher, Michael Parker, Thomas Wolfe, Michael Malone, Jil McCorkle, Robert Morgan and Ron Rash.  There are new NC authors just hitting their stride like Wiley Cash.

I've decided to set aside June to celebrate all things North Carolina.  All books reviewed in June will either be by a NC author (born here or currently living here) or have a North Carolina location.  I hope you will enjoy this month as much as I plan to!

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