Sunday, January 1, 2012

Booksie's Best of 2011

It's always difficult to pick out the best books of an entire year.  So much of enjoyment of a book depends on whether it is in the reader's preferred genre, their mood at the time, and the background they bring to the book, which influences how the book resonates with them.  That being said, here are my favorites of 2011 in no particular order:


1.  Take Good Care Of The Garden And The Dogs, Heather Lende
2.  Savage City, T.J. English
3.  Grand Pursuit, Sylvia Nasar
4.  Triumph Of The City, Edward Glaeser


1.  The Oracle Of Stamboul, Michael David Lukas
2.  Inherent Vice, Thomas Pnychen
3.  Jamrach's Menagerie, Carol Birch
4.  The Woodcutter, Reginald Hill
5.  The Swan Thieves, Elizabeth Kastova
6.  The Summer Of The Bear, Bella Pollan
7.  Ten Thousand Saints, Eleanor Henderson
8.  Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away, Christine Watson
9.  The Keeper Of Lost Causes, Jussi Adler-Olsen
10.  Doc, Mary Doria Russell
11. A Small Hotel, Robert Olen Butler
12. A Man Of Parts, David Lodge
13.  Luka And The Fire Of Life, Salmon Rushdie
14.  The Tranformation Of Barthlomew Fortuno, Ellen Bryson
15.  Stone's Fall, Iain Pear

My favorite book for 2011 was a debut fantasy by R.T. Kaelin.  It is a rare delight to read a book and instantly realise that a new star is being born.  I believe Kaelin will be a name in fantasy to rival Sanderson, Jordan, Donaldson and Martin.  The Booksie Best Book of 2011 goes to:

Progeny by R. T. Kaelin


Bookfool said...

The Summer of the Bear and The Oracle of Stamboul will definitely be on my favorites list, if I ever get around to writing one. :)

Louise said...

Hi Sandie, thanks for posting the link- I hadn't realised that you had a blog. I enjoyed seeing your best of 2011 post. I had only even heard of one of these books! Doc- probably because I still have The Sparrow sitting here on the TBR.