Saturday, August 6, 2011

Running From Secrets by Stephanie Void

Bethany is confused.  Her family has just moved to town, fleeing a family tragedy.  She has no friends and roams the forest beside their house, searching for something, anything, to make her life feel right again.  Bethany starts to write a journal, all about another land call New Velerthland.  She spends hours constructing the land and its inhabitants.

Imagine her surprise when she is drawn through time and space to this land.  She wakes up in New Velerthland, knowing that there is evil loose in the land and that only she can save it.  Queen Numuriu has been possessed by demon spirits and has turned against the land and especially her childhood friend and cousin, Chime.  Bethany joins forces with Chime to try to defeat the evil before it can bring down the land and everything in it.
They must defeat evil wizards, sirens and ancient spells to break the hold that magic has on New Velerthland and its inhabitants.

Stephanie Void has written an interesting YA fantasy novel with supernatural elements, love stories and the conflict between evil and right.  The book is told in first person, and moves between Bethany's new home and the home she has created in New Velerthland.  Young adult readers will be interested to read to the end to discover what happens to Chime, Bethany and Queen Numuria, and will be ready to read more about the land in later books.

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