Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon

Edie Swann has come home to Redbud, Tennessee. She left when she was ten years old as Eden Swanford, crushed by a family tragedy. Her father had embezzled from the biggest business in town, leading to fears it would close down. Unable to handle the shame, he killed himself. That death unhinged Eden's mother who spent the rest of her life in a mental institution. Eden was raised by an aunt, and grew up believing that someone in the town was responsible for her family's grief.

Now she's come back to find out what really happened. Edie has a list of names she got from her aunt, and the town's legend of a dark angel that wreaks vengence to aid her. She starts sending minature black angels to the men on the list. However, she is shocked when those men start turning up dead, one after the other. Has her reappearance caused their deaths? Is she responsible as the townspeople quickly come to believe?

Holt Drennan is the town police chief. He has grief of his own. His wife died of leukemia, and he has returned to Redbud to raise his little girl and has taken over as police chief from his father. Holt and Edie find an instant attraction to each other, but as the deaths mount, the need for truth and resolution starts to drive them apart. Only the truth can clear the way for any possible relationship they might have.

Annie Solomon has written a compelling book that explores the bonds of family, the realities of small town secrets, and the drive to live happily even when it seems completely out of reach. This book is recommended for suspense readers and fans of romance.


Annie Solomon said...

Thanks for the kind words and for featuring my book! If anyone is interested in learning more, check out my website, You'll find excerpts of all my books, a monthly contest, and my blog, Annie's World. Happy reading everyone!

chey said...

One deadly sin sounds fantastic!