Thursday, January 4, 2018

Delia's Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer

It is 1906 and Delia Martin has returned home to San Francisco.   She is a wealthy young woman and the world should be her oyster.  Her best friend, more like a sister, is getting married and Delia is there to help plan the wedding.  But things are not as good as they seem.  San Francisco is being targeted by a serial killer; one who created havoc thirty years ago and who now is back at his killing ways.  This time, he may have Delia in his sights.

Her friend's fiance is a policeman and through him Delia meets Gabe.  Gabe is heading up the investigation into the killer.  Little does he know the help that Delia will be.  For Delia has always been able to see through the veil and sense spirits.  She has been accompanied for many months by a ghost that won't leave and is determined that Delia help her.  With the help of a medium, Delia realizes that this woman was a victim of the serial killer thirty years ago and she is determined to help bring the man to justice this time around.  Can Delia help Gabe finally put an end to him?

Jaime Lee Moyer has created an interesting historical mystery.  She has researched San Francisco after the great quake and provides a peak not only into that but into topics such as the Fair that followed it, wedding customs in the early part of the century and police methods.  The romance that builds between Delia and Gabe is expected and handled well.  This book is recommended for readers who enjoy historical mysteries.

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