Friday, August 26, 2016

Under The Harrow by Flynn Berry

It's a weekend like any other.   Nora leaves her job in London and takes the train out to the small village where her sister lives to spend the weekend.  As she walks up to the house, she imagines the relaxing weekend the two of them will have.  They are best friends and she looks forward to all her time spent with Rachel.

But when she enters the house, time stops and will never be free and easy again.  For Nora walks into the scene of a brutal murder, her sister lying broken and bloodied on the stairs.  The police come and take her away.  She moves into the local hotel and waits for the police to find her killer.

But the days turn into weeks and there doesn't seem to be any progress.  Nora gives up her apartment and job to stay in the village and look for Rachel's killer herself.  She wonders if the murder has anything to do with the attack on Rachel when she was just a teenager.  She wonders if every man she sees is the one who did this horrific thing.  As the days go by and the investigation continues, Nora wonders if she ever really knew Rachel at all, as Rachel's secrets are uncovered and brought out into the light.

This debut novel by Flynn Berry is an impressive start.  The mood is broody and menacing.  The book is told in first person, setting up the reader to wonder how honest Nora is and fighting through the miasma of grief and lack of knowledge that Nora fights.  This is an extremely wise choice for a mystery novel and it gives an immediacy that is very effective.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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