Monday, August 1, 2016

Booksie's Shelves, August 1, 2016

Busy, busy month!  After returning from a trip to Boston, we were home for two weeks, then off for a week at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  It is a beautiful place for a family vacation.   The beaches are wide and inviting and not overcrowded.  There is plenty of shopping and restaurants but the traffic is not that bad.  We'll be back.  On the way back, I got caught in an hour and a half delay on the interstate and my car's air conditioner decided not to work while I was stopped.  So after getting blown off by the dealer (this same thing happened last summer and I reported it then also), we went out and bought a new Hyundai Sonata Sport!  It's a lovely color and has all the technology anyone could want.  Of course, we're still getting ready for our daughter's move to University of South Carolina in two and a half weeks.  I read four books at the beach and have finished a book every day since I came back.  I just don't go out much in this heat and humidity.  Here's what's come through the door:

1.  Some Luck, Jane Smiley, literary fiction, purchased
2.  Early Warning, Jane Smiley, literary fiction, purchased
3.  Golden Age, Jane Smiley, literary fiction, purchased
4.  Dancing With The Tiger, Lili Wright, thriller, sent by publisher
5.  Harmony, Carolyn Parkhurst, literary fiction, sent by publisher
6.  The Hike, Drew Magary, fantasy, sent by publisher
7.  With Love From The Inside, Angela Pisel, literary fiction, sent by publisher
8.  The Sixth Idea, P.J. Tracy, mystery, sent by publisher
9.  A Red Dotted Line, Simon Gervais, mystery, sent by publisher
10.  The Judas Game, Ethan Cross, thriller, sent by publisher
11.  Carousel Court, Joe McGinniss, Jr., literary fiction, sent by publisher
12.  Madame Presidentess, historical fiction, sent by publisher
13.  The City Baker's Guide to Country Living, Louise Miller, women's lit, sent by publisher
14.  My Name Is Leon, Kit De Waal, literary fiction, sent by publisher
15.  How To Party With An Infant, Kaui Hart Hemmings, literary fiction, sent by publisher

Here's what I'm reading:

1.  The Flamethrowers, Rachel Kushner, Kindle Fire
2.  The Man In The Monster, Martha Elliot, Kindle
3.  The Monster's Daughter, Michelle Pretorius, hardback
4.  The Lore Of The Evermen, James Maxwell, audio
5.  Under The Harrow
, Flynn Barry, paperback
6.  The Bird Eater, Ania Ahlborn, audio
7.  We That Are Left, Clare Clark, hardback

8.  The Storm-Runners, T. Jefferson Parker, hardback
9.  Magruder's Curiosity Cabinet, H.P. Wood, Kindle Fire

Happy Reading!


Heather said...

You're reading NINE books??? WOW. You are amazing.

Sandie said...

I get bored if I only read one. A lot is situational. I listen to a book at the gym while exercising. I have books upstairs in my room I read before sleeping, and a pile downstairs next to my chair. I read on the Kindle Fire when I'm traveling and my regular Kindle when I'm stuck in a line somewhere waiting.