Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lady Cop Makes Trouble by Amy Stewart

Constance Kopp is one of the first lady deputy sheriffs in the United States.  Her two sisters, who pursue more ladylike vocations are not pleased and Constance is not a big hit with the male deputies either.  But Sheriff Heath is a man with vision and he sees the places where a woman deputy can do things more easily than a man could.  He insists on keeping Constance employed, even when his wife gets her nose out of joint because he is spending so much time with her.

But Sheriff Heath's vision is questioned when Constance makes a huge mistake.  She is guarding a prisoner who has been sent to the hospital for observation when he tricks her and escapes.  The prisoner is a doctor who uses his knowledge to trick patients and steal their money rather than heal them.  When he escapes, the world and all its judgement comes pouring down on Constance.

Undeterred and desperate to make things right, Constance starts her own investigation.  Her discoveries take her to New York City and Albany where she finds other doctors who are involved.  She also realises the man's family members are helping him hide so she keeps them under surveillance.  Can Constance find the fugitive before Sheriff Heath loses his job?

This is the second story in the Kopp sisters series.  The novels are based on true characters and Stewart faithfully portrays the history and characteristics of law enforcement in the early 1900's when women were just starting to make their mark.  This book is recommended for mystery and historical fiction readers.  

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