Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Maze by Catherine Coulter

The String Killer is a serial killer who walks his victims through a maze and kills them when they reach the center.  Seven years ago, he killed seven women in San Francisco, then stopped.  Now he has struck again, but in Boston this time.

New FBI Agent Lacey Sherlock has a special interest in The String Killer.  His last victim in San Francisco was her beloved half-sister, Belinda, and she is determined to track him down and make him pay for her crimes.  Although she was a budding concert pianist, she changed her major and took degrees in criminal psychology and forensics, readying herself for the task of tracking the killer.  She joins the FBI and catches the eye of the chief of a new computer division that focuses on using technology to discern patterns to catch serial killers.  She is assigned to the new division, and uses it to continue her research into the man who changed her life forever.

When the killer returns to killing, Lacey has a chance to track him down.  But this is a wily killer.  Will she be able to capture him before he captures and kills her?

Catherine Coulter has written an engaging mystery that keeps the reader interested.  The killer is diabolical, the plot fast-paced.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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