Monday, May 5, 2014

The Devil's Workshop by Alex Grecian

A prison break has occurred at the beginning of this third entry into the Scotland Yard Murder Squad series.  Four or five prisoners have escaped and it is all hands on deck.  Even Inspector Walter Day is expected to help, although his wife Claire is about to have their first child.  He and Sargent Hammersmith go on the chase and soon uncover more than they thought of.  There is betrayal afoot in the force, and the hunt for the escaped prisoners sets loose one of London's nightmares; Jack The Ripper who has been secretly imprisoned for more than a year.  Can the Squad find the prisoners before more murder and havoc is unleashed on London?

Alex Grecian has written a series that will appear to fans of TV shows such as Copper and Ripper Street.  The mix of historical police procedural with crime, which never really changes much, is an intriguing one.  The heroes are fleshed out just enough to be interesting and make the reader want to follow them from case to case.  The suspense is chilling and the climax is a page-turner that will have the reader anxious to find out what happens.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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