Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Neope's War by Tod Langley

In this third and concluding novel of the Erinia Saga, things are grim for the world.  The evil monarch, Ferral, has gained even more power over his neighbors, using his Deathmarch Army to conquer the lands around him.  His demon, who used to be the beautiful priestess Neope, has taken control of the Army and is determined to totally annihilate everyone she encounters.  Ferral has discovered the location of even more ancient scrolls that will allow him to totally subjugate the world or even destroy it in its present form.

A few brave leaders still oppose him.  King Kristian has managed to rescue his betrothed princess, Allisia.  Together they rally the few survivors of their land, Erinia, to fight the evil.  Cairn, an ancient swordmaster, vows revenge on Ferral for his treatment of his former lover.  Mikhal has some connection to the demon woman he cannot deny although he doesn't understand it.  He vows to discover the nature of his connection and use it to destroy her.  Can the overnumbered and outmaneuvered allies bring down the most powerful ruler the world has seen?

Tod Langley has written a satisfying conclusion to the Erinia Saga.  This third book is the strongest in the trilogy and the growth of Langley as an author is evident throughout.  Langley's own background makes the action believable.  He served in the Army with several assignments in support of the War On Terror, and has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, both as an infantryman and a security consultant.  His knowledge makes the battle scenes very believable with strategy and insights not normally found.  The book will leave the reader wishing there was more about King Kristian and Queen Allisia, and eager for Langley's next novel.  This book is recommended for fantasy readers.

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