Monday, August 22, 2011

Stories for Nighttime And Some For The Day by Ben Loory

The stories in Ben Loory's Stories for Nighttime And Some For The Day are reminiscent of bedtime stories.  But, not stories told by loving parents tucking in their child for the night.  Instead, these are stories told by the offbeat uncle, the one who when the kids tell their parents what he has said, are told, "Oh that's just your uncle; he likes to make up adventures."  Then the parents huddle together in another room and make vows that this is the last time ever the uncle will be given the job of bedtime story teller to THEIR kids.

The stories are short, often just a page or two.  The words are also short and the stories seem deceptively simple at first.  Then at the end there is a twist that sets a hook in the reader's mind, insuring that they will return to the story again and again trying to figure out exactly where they were fooled.

This book is recommended for readers who enjoy short stories.  The stories are reminiscent of O'Henry in the twist at the end, but are not as complex as his.  These are simple tales, simple enough that they can easily creep into the mind and take up residence. 

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