Friday, August 5, 2011

Passeggiata by G. G. Husak

“Passeggiata” in Italian means a kind of walk, a stroll arm-in-arm. That is exactly what G. G. Husak does for the reader; takes them on a stroll through various parts of Italy. She and her husband have made an annual tradition of visiting Italy, and in this book, she takes the reader with them on various adventures. The reader learns the tips that make Italian travel more pleasurable, as well as various pitfalls that can mar a journey. Small items such as which side of the road a bus stops on can make a huge difference if you are on the wrong side and it is the last or only bus of the day.

The Husaks visited all the major cities; Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan and Florence. They also traveled to the smaller cities that many travelers have not heard of and the less traveled places such as the walled cities built on top of hills and the Italian Rivera. Along the way, Husak points out the differences in the food, the art and the local customs.

One of the main points of the book is the couple’s realization that it is imperative to put aside the rushed scheduled life they lead in the United States and adopt a more leisurely way of handling the day and the stops along the way. If a bus doesn’t come on time, it will come a bit later. Hotels may be smaller than American ones, but have their own charms. Tourists can eat cheaply and well by avoiding the more heavily patronized restaurants and looking for smaller, family-oriented ones.

This book is recommended for those readers who either plan to visit Italy, or just love to read about other cultures and ways of life. There are numerous tips that the traveler can take advantage of, and the armchair traveler can revel in the stories of art, food and the Italian way of life.

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