Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coop by Michael Perry

After years of doing other jobs and living other places, Michael Perry knows just where he wants to be.  At thirty-nine, after jobs in EMT and on the road as an author, he came home to his roots.  He met Anneliese, a local college teacher, at a book signing.   They got married and with her three year old daughter, started life as a family.  Together they agreed that what they wanted was a return to the simple farming life they had known as children.  They bought a small farm in Wisconsin near his family.  Michael supports them as an author while Annaliese home-schools Amy.  As the book starts, they are expecting their first child.

Michael explores his childhood years.  He grew up in a fundamenalist religion, in a family with eight birth children and a large group of foster siblings, some of whom were adopted. As best as anyone remembers, the family fostered sixty or more children, many of them disabled in varying degrees.   His father had been a chemical engineer and his mother a nurse before they decided to farm.  Michael grew up in poverty but surrounded by love and great life lessons. 

Now Michael and Anneliese attempt to recreate this loving atmosphere for the family they are building.  The reader learns about the livestock they are raising, how they parent their child, the daily chores that consume their days, and about the baby they are expecting.  Anneliese decides on a home birth, and while Michael agrees, it makes him nervous. 

This is such a soothing, gentle, wonderful book.  It is like having an old friend stop by and sit on the front porch with you, rocking and telling stories.  Perry does a great job of recreating his life as a new farm owner, and even for those readers who are adament city-dwellers, there is a hint of longing for his life.  Readers can hear Michael talk about his new book. 

Michael Perry will be on Blog Talk Radio with Book Club Girl on Monday, June 7th at 7pm EST at http://www.blogtalkradio.coom/book-club-firl/2010/06/07/michael-perry-discusses-coop  This book is recommended for readers who need a break from the pressures of everyday life.  It is a true gem.  I loved it so much that I went out that day and ordered his first book, Truck, where he talks about his life before the farm.


Anonymous said...

Now that is my kind of book!
Going to Border's website now!!!!
God bless,

Sandie said...

It really is a lovely book. So nice to read one you could actually share with anyone and not worry about language and dicey situations.

heathertlc said...

"It is like having an old friend stop by and sit on the front porch with you, rocking and telling stories." I don't think you can get a better recommendation than that!

Thanks for being part of the tour. :)