Friday, April 19, 2019

The Accidental Alchemist by Gigi Pandian

Zoe Faust has moved to Portland, Oregon for a new start.  As someone who drank a magic elixir and has eternal life, she is a veteran of moving.  She moves often so that the people she meets won't start to wonder why she isn't aging.  Zoe is an herbalist and worked at one time in alchemy.  She gave up the study of alchemy after some events occurred due to her knowledge.

Now she is ready for a fresh start.  But things aren't looking good in that direction.  On her first day in her new house, the handyman she has hired to help her make it habitable is found dead on her front porch, poisoned.  Her house and belongings have been broken into and the artifacts she has been selling to support herself have been stolen.  She meets a group of teenagers who tells her that her house is known as the haunted house.  Even more unlikely, Zoe is amazed to discover that a gargoyle statue in one of her crates is alive and functional.  His name is Dorian and he has an issue that only Dorian can help with.  Can Dorian find the murderer and help Dorian break the spell that threatens his life?

This is the first novel in this series by Gigi Pandian.  There are three others in the series.  Readers will be interested to see if Zoe is successful in solving the mysteries that surround her and if she can establish a new life in Portland.  She meets a potential love interest and whether or not that continues is also of interest.  This book is recommended for mystery and fantasy readers.

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