Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Blood Road by Stuart MacBride

Things should be looking up for Logan McRae.  Not only has he been promoted to Inspector at long last, but he actually has staff rather than being the low man on the totem pole.  He has a new girlfriend and his house renovations are coming along nicely.  Of course, he's now working in Professional Standards which is the equivalent of being a vampire in the police force but you can't have everything.

But McRae should know that good news doesn't last.  He is pulled back into the regular force when the body of DI Bell is discovered.  Everyone is shocked as they thought they buried him two years before.  Then another police body is discovered, this one a woman who was investigating the Bell case.  McRae is involved from the Standards side and when the rest of the force is short-staff due to a spate of recent child abductions, he must investigate the murders.  His pleas for additional help brings him the assignment of none other that his prior nemesis, Roberta Steele, now demoted back to the ranks and who must now work for Logan instead of bossing him around. 

Logan McRae is one of the most interesting detectives in a current series.  MacBride's patent humor in the face of horrific cases and his ability to portray the Scottish police as multi-dimensional characters is what makes this series such a delight with committed fans who wait eagerly for each novel in the series.  This one is the eleventh and fans will turn the last page already ready for the twelfth.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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