Saturday, June 30, 2018

Friday On My Mind by Nicci French

Things are not going well for Dr. Freida Klein.  Her former lover, Sandy, has been found murdered.  Even worse, with enemies in the police department and in the psychologist who now works with them, Freida soon comes under suspicion and then rapidly becomes the only suspect.  When her lawyer tells her that they need to go in for more questioning and that she expects Freida to be arrested, Freida decides to take matters in her own hands.  She disappears and is now a fugitive, her disappearance making her seem more guilty.

But Frieda has knowledge the police don't.  She knows, incontrovertibly, that she isn't guilty so can view the evidence without that false filter.  She also intimately knows Sandy and so can interpret the things she finds out about him better than someone who didn't know him as well.  Her friends are appalled at what has happened and they help her as they can to remain free.  Can Frieda discover the truth about Sandy's death before her time runs out?

This is the fifth in the Frieda Klein series.  Readers who have followed the series will find this one fascinating with Frieda at her best.  She is a private person and one who can use the training and knowledge of her work with the human condition to see past the obvious and discover the truth in situations.  Although I am not a stickler about reading a series in order, this is one series that the reader will benefit from doing so as Freida's personality and life is slowly teased out across each novel.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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