Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just Try To Stop Me by Gregg Olsen

Brenda Nevins has a goal.  She wants to be remembered as the most prolific female serial killer of all time.  She made a good start as her murder of her husband and baby daughter gained her notoriety.  But being in prison seriously cramps her style.  She takes care of that detail by using her ability to psychologically manipulate others and her astounding beauty to turn prison staff into her willing accomplices to help her escape.

Not content with an escape, Brenda ups the ante.  She kills her prison accomplice, a move that brings all levels of law enforcement after her.  But she has plans.  She starts streaming bizarre messages through YouTube to the world, talking of her plans and hinting at more mayhem.  This is accomplished when she and her partner kidnap four teenage girls and threaten to kill them on line for everyone to see.

While all law enforcement is on alert, those in the Washington area where she has made her escape are particularly focused on the case.  One team works on it while facing other life challenges.  Kendell Stark is a sheriff's detective while Birdy Waterman is a forensic pathologist. Kendell is caught up in a power struggle with an overbearing FBI detective.   Birdy is dealing with the terminal illness of her mother so their collaboration is disjointed.  Still, when it counts they come together to try to stop this criminal.  Will they be successful?

Gregg Olsen is a successful true crime writer who is now writing a mystery series.  I discovered him back in his true crime days so was interested to read his fiction.  This is the fifth book in the Stark/Waterman series.  I was disappointed in this title.  The action seemed rushed and the characters were one-dimensional and flat.  There was a successful twist at the end of the novel and the partnership of Stark and Waterman will continue.  This book is recommended for readers of mystery novels.

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