Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo

When the Norwegian Ambassador to Thailand is discovered murdered, those high in government want the case solved.  They want the best policeman they can find and that, most agree, is Harry Hole.  For the Ambassador wasn't just murdered, he was murdered in compromising circumstances in a hotel known for prostitution.  This needs a quick solution so that it can be swept under the rug and forgotten as soon as possible.

Hole dutifully heads to Thailand.  He is determined not to drink on this trip as his propensity to falling into a drunken stupor for weeks or months is his biggest failing.  He quickly determines two things.  First, in addition to being associated with prostitution, it appears that the Ambassador may be involved in child prostitution, something that Thailand is known for.  Second, the entire case may be a setup and the Ambassador blameless.

Hole digs deeper into the case.  He works with the local Thailand police and soon meets government figures, high-stakes financiers and developers, and the Ambassador's family.  The wife seems stunned with grief but is that true?  The daughter is a bit mysterious and quickly develops a crush on Harry.  Will he solve the case in time and more importantly, will he find a solution that pleases his superiors back in Norway?

This is the second novel in the immensely successful Harry Hole series.  The seeds of the Hole personality and Harry's tormented life and visionary crime solving is featured.  It is impossible not to want Harry on your side while realizing that he has many issues of his own.  The reader feels for Harry and wants him to succeed but more importantly wishes he could find a way to be happy, although happiness and his chosen career are at odds.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.


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