Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hidden by Kendra Elliott

Eleven years ago, Lacey Campbell went through a horrific period in her life.  The Co-Ed Slayer was attacking and killing women at her Oregon State University campus.  He targeted and killed nine women before he was captured and put in prison for life.  One was Lacey's best friend.  Lacey barely escaped and was instrumental in putting the killer behind bars with her testimony at his trial.

Lacey has turned her life around since then.  She has become a forensic odontologist at the state forensic examiner's office and is recognized as a professional.  In that role, she is called out one morning to help with the discovery of a woman's body underneath an apartment building in snowy Portland.  She is shocked when she realises where she has seen the dental appliance found in the victim's bones.  It is that of her best friend whose body was never found after the night she was kidnapped and Lacey so narrowly escaped.  Further tests in her lab confirm that these are the bones of her friend.

The skeleton is found at an apartment building owned by Jack Harper.  Jack was a policeman until a tragedy left him injured and unable to continue.   Now he has taken over the realty and development company his father started and is an eligible bachelor and man about town.  He is pulled into the investigation because of his connection to the locale and the fact that a badge found at the scene belonged to his ex-partner.  An ex-partner who has just been gruesomely murdered.  New murders start occurring and they all tie back to the Co-Ed Slayer.  Did police get the wrong man?  Is the Slayer still out there and taking revenge?  Is Lacey his next target?

Kendra Elliott has written a fast-paced thriller that throws Lacey and Jack together in a race to find the killer before he finds Lacey.  They are a good team and romantic sparks soon fly.  Readers will be swept along in the action and rooting for Lacey and Jack.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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