Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mystery Walk by Robert McCammon

Billy Creedmore lives in a small rural Southern town with his parents.  He is shunned by the other children and his family is shunned by the town.  His mother is called a witch for her ability to help the dead.  Townspeople call on her when she is needed but stay far away from her otherwise.  When the family of Billy's best friend is murdered, he feels a strange calling to enter their house.  Their spirits are shocked and can't cross over.  There Billy discovers his life calling.  He also has the ability to help those who can't cross over do so.

Wayne Falconer leads a very different life.  His family is wealthy where Billy's is dirt poor.  He is the son of a famous evangelist and spends his summers traveling with the crusade.  One night his father discovers Wayne's talent; he can heal the sick.  Or at least it seems that way.  Wayne becomes famous as the sick and dying flock to him to be healed.  Everyone believes in him, except for Ramona Creedmore and her son.  When they come to the crusade, they see through Wayne and see that he can heal no one.

Thus begins a rivalry between the two boys that continues as they grow up.  Each has a talent.  Each is learning how to use and shape it and wondering how their lives should revolve around it.  Each fears the other and the Shape Changer, a beast that comes to them in dreams and tells them how it will kill them and eat their souls.  When they are grown, they meet again and must discover family secrets and what is the truth about their powers.  They must unite to fight the Shape Changer and hopefully defeat him once and for all.

Robert McCammon has a talent for writing books that are compelling and keep the reader turning the pages to discover what happens next.  This book is considered a mystery/horror classic and readers will be interested to see which boy can rise to defeat the forces aligned against them both.   It is recommended for mystery and horror readers.

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