Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour

After her sister Lily Rose's death, Finn Sullivan and her father can't stay in San Francisco any longer.  They flee to Fair Hollow, New York, the same upstate town where her father was raised and where he is offered a job at the local college.  Finn attempts to start a new chapter in her life.  She attends college and meets two friends, Sylvie and Christy.

But Fair Hollow seems to have secrets.  Long a haunt of movie makers, the town seems full of beautiful people and dramatic happenings.  The most beautiful are the Fata family, extremely wealthy and consisting of a large clan of both men and women.  They don't seem to have to work and spend a lot of time having parties and exploring the deserted mansions from Fair Hollows time as a haven for wealthy families.

Finn is curious about the Fatas, and especially when she meets Jack Fata.  He is impossibly gorgeous, irresistibly mysterious, and for some reason, he seems interested in Finn.  She seems to run into him everywhere.  Sometimes he pushes her away and then he pulls her back.  She doesn't know what to think, but she knows she is falling in love.

But that's not a good idea.  For the Fata family is mysterious for a reason.  They have secrets going back centuries and they don't take kindly to newcomers.  As Finn gets closer to their secrets, she starts to realise that she has fallen into a danger even more fatal than the one that stole her sister.  Can she break free and can she take Jack from his family?

This is the first of a trilogy about The People Of Nothing And The Night.  It is lushly written and the tension builds very slowly.  The reader sees Finn's danger long before she does, but is helpless to do anything more than read as she is entwined further and further into the Fata family mysteries.  This book is recommended for young adults and those interested in suspense fantasy novels.

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