Friday, February 19, 2016

Booksie's Shelves, Februrary 19, 2016

A huge number of books have come through the door in the past few weeks.  I'm making a little progress in my dry eye problem, so have had some success in reading and finished several books this week.  Here in NC we had what we hope was the last blast from winter this week and it was frustrating not to spend a snow day with a good book. At least I can walk tv so hopefully I'll see a victory for my Tarheels playing Duke tonight.   Here's the newest additions:

1.  The Taxidermist's Daughter, Kate Mosse, literary fiction, sent by publisher
2.  The Madwomen Upstairs, Catherine Lowell, literary fiction, sent by publisher
3.  H is For Hawk, Helen Macdonald, memoir, purchased
4.  War Of The Encyclopaedists, Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovitt, literary fiction, purchased
5   The Girl Who Stayed, Tanya Crosby, literary fiction, sent by publisher
6.  The Miracle Girl, Andrew Roe, literary fiction, sent by publisher
7.  The Pocket Wife, Susan Crawford, suspense, sent by publisher
8.  The Last Days Of Magic, Mark Tompkins, fantasy, sent by publisher
9.  Blood Infernal, James Rollins, suspense, sent by publisher
10.  Black Rabbit Hall, Eve Chase, suspense, sent by publisher
11.  Why We Came To The City, Kristopher Jansma, literary fiction, sent by publisher
12.  Sex With Shakespeare, Jillian Keenan, literary fiction, sent by publisher
13.  Mongrels, Stephen Graham Jones, fantasy, sent by publisher
14.  Speakers Of The Dead, J. Aaron Sanders, mystery, sent by publisher

Here's what I'm reading:

1.  The Kindness, Polly Sampson, paperback
2.  The Empty Chair, Jeffrey Deaver, Kindle
3.  The Path Of The Storm, James Maxwell, Kindle Fire
4.  Mystery Walk, Robert McCammon, Kindle Fire
5.  Shockwave, John Sandford, paperback
6.  Lexicon, Max Barry, hardback
7.  The Maid's Version, Daniel Woodrell, Kindle Fire
8.  The House Of Rumour, Jake Arnott, audio
9.  A Crucible Of Souls, Mitchell Hogan, paperback

Happy Reading!


Mark Tompkins said...

Hi Sandie,
Thanks for listing The Last Days of Magic. It is my debut novel and I am trying to not go crazy waiting for the March 1st release date. I hope you enjoy reading it!
Mark Tompkins

Sandie said...

I'm looking forward to it, Mark.