Friday, June 19, 2015

Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger

Fatboy and Priss is one of the top comics and a major moneymaker.  Fatboy is an unattractive boy whose life is a mess and for whom nothing goes right.  Priss is a gorgeous girl who is his lover and best friend and who makes everything turn out right.  What it's readers don't know is that the story is straight from the author's life. 

When Ian was growing up in a small rural town, he was the kid with no friends.  His family was the subject of whispers after his mother killed his baby sister in a postpartum depression and was sent to a hospital for life.  Ian was ostracized and ignored and in response, he overate.  This led to being fat and having major acne issues.  He was the outcast, the one no one spoke to. 

Until he met Priss.  She was a gorgeous little girl who Ian ran across in the woods behind his house.  Priss didn't seem to have any friends either and they became each other's best friends.  Priss gave Ian everything, friendship, acceptance and love.  The problem was that no one else could see Priss.  The other problem was that Priss didn't like it when Ian was hurt, and did things that then were blamed on Ian.  Things like hurting people and setting fires.

When Ian grows up, his artistic talent got him accepted at an art school in New York City.  There he found the friends he'd never had, and more importantly, financial success with his comic story.  He meets Megan, a wonderful girl who seems to love him more than life itself.  That's great, except for the problem with Priss.  How will she accept becoming less than Ian's Number One? 

Unger has written an engaging suspense novel that draws the reader in.  Ian is easy to relate to as he tells his story of exclusion and social rejection, as most people have felt those emotions at least a time or two.  Priss is unbelievable, or is she?  There is a question of whether she really exists, and if so, why she has latched onto Ian.  Will she make his life better or cost him everything?  This book is recommended for suspense readers. 

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