Monday, January 5, 2015

The Cabinet Of Curiousities by Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child

Nora Kelly is surprised to come into her office at the Museum Of Natural History and find a stranger there.  She is even more surprised when he introduces himself as FBI Agent Pendergast and states that he needs her help.  During construction, an old tunnel has been found under a building.  The tunnel is full of bricked up skeletons; thirty-six of them. 

Kelly and Pendergast go to the scene and examine the remains before the construction owner has them thrown out and removes all the bodies so that his new building can proceed on schedule.  Each is the body of a young man or woman from at least a hundred years before.  Each has been operated on, with the excision site being the lower back and spinal cord.  Each has been murdered.

Kelly isn't sure why this is so important to Pendergast but starts to understand quickly.  A copycat killer has emerged and is killing modern victims in the same manner that the older bodies were killed.  As they research the case, a strange motive emerges.  Apparently, both the older murderer and the younger believe they have found a way to extend human life which requires the sacrifice of humans.  Can Pendergast and Kelly, along with reported William Smithback, solve the mystery before more bodies are found?

This is book three in the popular Agent Pendergast series.  The authors work together to provide a tale that is strange but believable with overtones of paranormal events.  The interplay between Kelly and Smithback and the revealing of Pendergast's mysterious family background and unorthodox methods keeps the reader turning the pages.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.


Laura Thomas said...

I loved this book and have read almost every book these authors have written. I need to update my book shelf on Goodreads and post reviews.

Sandie said...

I've read a couple of the later books in this series so decided to go back and read from the start.