Friday, January 30, 2015

Cut And Run by Traci Hohenstein

When Rachel Scott's three year old daughter, Mallory, was abducted from her front lawn, Rachel thought her world would end.  Five years have passed and there is still no good clue about Mallory's whereabouts.  In that time, Rachel and her husband divorced as many parents facing tragedy do.  Determined to fight on and find Mallory, Rachel and a partner have started a missing person company, Florida Omni Search.

Rachel is called to Louisiana by her chief investigator, Red Cooper.  He has been heading up an investigation into what happened to the O'Malley family and needs her help.  Matt O'Malley, his wife, Erin and their two children disappeared on their way back from soccer practice.  A few days later, Matt is discovered at a truck stop with a brain injury that affects his memory.  There is no word about what has happened to his wife and children.

Rachel and Red look into the O'Malley family background.  At first glance, they are the all-American family.  Matt runs a bail bondsman business with his brother while Erin is an artist.  The children are doing well in school and athletics.  But as the investigation delves deeper, hidden family secrets start to emerge.  Are they the cause of the disappearance?  Can Rachel and Red find the family in time?

This is the third book in the Rachel Scott series.  While the book deals with another investigation, the central motivation of finding Mallory is never far away.  The reader is intrigued with the present mystery and on Rachel's side as she fights to find her daughter.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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