Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Keeper by Luke Delaney

Detective Inspector Sean Corrigan gets the 'special cases'.  His own background as an abused child has left him sensitive to those whose warped minds lead them to commit horrific crimes.  He can visualize the crime scenes and get into the killer's mind, inching closer and closer until he knows their identity and the best way to catch and stop them.

Louise Russell has gone missing.  At first it doesn't seem like a case for Corrigan and his team, but soon there is the discovery of a body and it becomes clear that Louise is not the first woman who has been captured.  Someone out there is taking women from their homes, women with short brown hair and gleaming green eyes.  He keeps them for about a week then discards them when he is done.  Louise is just the latest in his game.  Can Sean and his team find her before her time is up?

Luke Delaney has created a compelling hero in Sean Corrigan.  His ability to use his own pain to form bonds with the most repulsive characters imaginable to save the innocent from their wretched compulsions is striking.  Along with the special talents Corrigan brings to an investigation, the reader is also brought into the inside of police procedure.  The bravery and dedication of those prepared to serve and protect are highlighted and the tale is finished with the feeling that the world is a better place for those who are willing to give so much for others.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.


Becca said...

I like crime novels from a profiler's perspective. The abuse scenario adds an element I really like, gives the character depth.

Sandie said...

This is his second novel featuring Corrigan. I think Delaney is a name to remember.