Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over My Live Body by Susan Israel

Things are not going great for artist Delilah Price.  Although she is about to have an exhibition of her sculptures, that's the only good thing she has going.  She is having to work long hours to pay her way so that she can create her art.  To make money and keep the flexible hours she needs, she puts in long hours as an artist's model, usually nude.  That has her boyfriend, Ivan, up in arms and he's gotten so jealous that Delilah has decided to break up with him.  If that's not enough, she has picked up a stalker, one that evidently has seen her in her modeling sessions.

Things get worse.  After she locks Ivan out, he won't give up and continues to call and show up wherever Delilah goes.  It's hard to tell who is more threatening, he or her stalker, who advances to in-person meetings wherever Delilah goes.  Then the bodies start piling up, including the partner of her best friend, Morgan.  Delilah goes to the police and finds that she needs to file paperwork and restraining orders before they can do anything.  Meanwhile the threat level continues to racket up.  Detective Patrick Quick seems aloof one day then interested the next.  Can he solve the murders and protect Delilah?

Susan Israel has created an offbeat heroine, a strong woman intent on her career and determined to make it on her own regardless of what it takes to do so.  This is the novel in a series about Delilah and Detective Quick, and the tension between them fuels the action.  Readers will be interested in solving the mystery while finding out about the life of an independent artist and what it takes to pursue a career in the field.  This book is recommended for mystery lovers.

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Book Bloggers International said...

I love books about art, and I like mystery novels that don't sound like every other mystery novel out there. Adding this to my TBR list!