Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moth And Spark by Anne Leonard

Caithen is a small country caught between two larger ones, great powers that are rivals.  They are under the protection of one of these, vassels to the Emperor.  The Empire bases its strength on the protection of its band of dragons.  The dragons were originally from Caithen, but were stolen away centuries ago and forced to be slaves to the Emperor.

Prince Corin of Caithen is caught up in the intrigue needed to save his country during this time of war and destruction.  While the Emperor is charged with protecting the country, he has recently made moves that put that protection in question.  In fact, it appears that he is betraying Caithen, willing to sacrifice it to the other power for some reason.  That reason is Prince Corin.

Corin was selected by the dragons years ago to be their savior, then given a forgetfulness enchantment that left him unaware of his part to play in the power struggle.  Now the time has come to fight for the dragons and he has become aware of what fate has chosen him to do.  The problem is that he has no idea how to go about freeing the dragons, although he knows that he must in order to save his country.

As he is struggling with the issue, he meets a woman he never expected to find.  Tam Warin is a commoner, a doctor's daughter who has come to court with her royal sister in law.  Corin and Tam are instantly attracted to each other, although it is clear to both that their love can have no legitimate ending.  A prince cannot marry outside of the royal class.  But neither can resist the other, and as their love affair progresses, they discover that it is meant to be.  Tam is a Seer and her skills along with the powers the dragons have given Corin may give the two the edge to free the dragons and save Caiten.

Anne Leonard has written a fantasy sure to please dragon lovers and those interested in political intrigue and magic as a solution to problems.  The love affair is written well with the problems the lovers encounter brought front and center.  The interaction with the dragons is well done, as is the political maneuvering found at royal courts.  This book is recommended for fantasy readers.

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