Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On The Horizon 11/20/13

Time for another listing of books I've purchased or otherwise acquired in the past few weeks.  These will be reviewed as I can get to them.

1.  Still Life With Bread Crumbs, Anna Quindlen, Shelf Awareness book
2.  The Housemaid's Daughter, Barbara Mutch, Shelf Awareness book
3.  Psychotherapy Of Character, Robert Berezin, sent by author
4.  This Dark Road To Mercy, Wiley Cash, sent by publisher
5.  After I'm Gone, Laura Lippman, sent by publisher
6.  Princesses Behaving Badly, Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, sent by publisher
7.  Commodore, Simon Sobo, sent by publisher
8.  Neope's War, Tod Langley, sent by publisher
9.  Little Failure, Gary Shteyngart, Shelf Awareness book
10.  Philida, Andre Brink, Paperbackswap book
11.  The Black Isle, Sandi Tan, Paperbackswap book
12.  Day For Night, Frederick Reiken, Paperbackswap book
13.  Organized To Death, Jan Christensen, sent by author
14.  The Book Of Jonah, Joshua Max Feldman, sent by publisher

I'm especially excited to have received Neope's War by Tod Langley.  This is the final book in his The Erinia Saga and I've read and reviewed the first two.  Add to that, Tod is a super nice guy and you'll see why I can't wait to read this one!

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