Friday, August 16, 2013

Luther, The Calling by Neil Cross

Luther is the kind of detective you definitely want on your side if a crime has been committed.  He is brilliant, intense, totally dedicated and he won't give up until the criminal has been brought to justice.  These same qualities make the people around him nervous.  His wife, Zoe, worries about his health and stress levels and the marriage isn't good these days.  His commander worries about what Luther will do to bring justice and which day he steps over the line might be his last. 

London needs Luther's skills badly in the newest case.  A man is targeting perfect families.  He wants a child of his own and is convinced a child from a perfect family is the best bet.  There are a series of home invasions where he takes the child and leaves the entire family behind dead.  His latest target is an eleven year old child, Mia.  He has her but as the net tightens around him, he threatens to kill her rather than lose his freedom.  Can Luther and the rest of the squad find her before time runs out?

Fans of the BBC America TV series, Luther, will be thrilled to see that Neil Cross has brought his creation to the printed page.  The reader is taken inside the police investigation and the nerve-ratcheting suspense that a major investigation creates.  They are also taken into Luther's life and learn what it is to be the best in a job that is slowly ruining everything you love.  The pace is heart stopping and the reader can't help but cheer on this tormented man who is the best at what he does.  This book is recommended for mystery lovers.

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Yves Fey said...

Thanks for this. I worship the first of the series, and the sequels are good as well. I'll have to have a look at the book now.