Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Domestic Affairs by Bridget Siegel

Olivia Greenley can't believe her luck.  Her good friend, Jacob, campaign manager for Presidential candidate Landon Taylor, has recommended her to be the new chief fundraiser.  It is Olivia's dream job.  Taylor is her perfect candidate; a man who is in politics to make things right and whose campaign she would be honored to work on.  She is overjoyed when she is hired, especially at the knowledge that she is the youngest chief fundraiser around.

As the campaign progresses, Olivia spends hours each day on the job.  She moves from fundraising event to event, hobnobbing with the rich and famous.  Her job is to convince them to lend their support in whatever fashion they can.  For some, that is hosting an event and committing to raising at least two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  For others, it is loaning the campaign private jets or picking up tabs for luxury hotels and amazing meals.  Above all else, it is her job to convince everyone she meets to give money, tons and tons of money.

The weeks fly by and the campaign progresses.  Olivia discovers the truth of political campaigns; the staffers are paid almost nothing and expected to work pretty much around the clock.  Dream candidates don't seem quite so dreamy when you spend all your time with them and learn their secrets and personality flaws.  Still, one can't give up the perfect job, can one?

Bridget Siegel has written an entertaining political insider's view of a campaign.  She is a veteran of several campaigns herself such as Kerry-Edwards, Obama-Biden, Hilary Clinton and others.  She raises the questions of whether American politics demands too much of the candidates and if it is possible to remain pure in politics.  Is the entire system flawed?  This book is recommended for those readers interested in politics and what the electoral system does to the participants. 

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