Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Essential Nourishment by Markia Blossfeldt

Essential Nourishment is subtitled Recipes From My Estonian Farm.  The author has written the book to provide healthy recipes but also to educate the reader about the benefits of healthy eating and how to integrate food into a healthy lifestyle.  Some of the author's goals for the book include:
  • eat more foods that come straight from Mother Earth
  • find and choose locally grown and raised food
  • cook meals at home with ease
  • reduce your intake of factory-made, processed food
  • learn to savor naturally sweet foods
  • cut back on refined sugar and flour without giving up flavor
  • incorporate healthful oils and fats into your diet
  • avoid refined and hydrogenated oils
  • enjoy plenty of pure water
The book is filled with tons of visually appealing photographs.  Each recipe has a color photograph of the finished dish, and there is artwork sprinkled liberally throughout the text.  The photographs are by Jaan Heinmaa and the original artwork is done by the author.
The book begins with lessons in nutrition and lifestyle changes.  There is a chapter called Nutrition And Nourishment that features articles such as The Art Of Reading Food Labels, Balancing Blood Sugar Levels and Proteins, The Dividing Choice.  The next chapter is Lifestyle and includes articles such as Eating Out, Getting Physical and Work And Profession.
The recipes section includes recipes for breakfast porridges, vegetable recipes, grain, leafy greens, legumes, soups, baked goods, dressings and spreads, salads, fish, seafood and poultry, fruits, desserts and drinks.  The recipes are simple, easy to construct and most consist of only a few ingredients.  The goal is healthy eating prepared simply enough that one can easily make three meals a day. 
This book is recommended to all readers who are interested in a healthier lifestyle.  It gives valuable advice to parents attempting to create a love of natural foods in their children and a way to get both energy and enjoyment from the natural foods of the earth. 

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