Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jack Absolute by C.C. Humphreys

It is the start of the American Revolutionary War, and spirits are high in England.  Surely this will be a short war as the British have the premier army in the world.  Jack Absolute, former Captain, is in London for only a short time before he heads to the Indies to try to restore his family's fortunes.  He is dismayed on his short trip to discover that his playwright friend, Richard Sheridan, has written a play about Absolute's life and loves and that he is the talk of the town.

Jack finds himself caught up in a duel over the favors of an actress in the play.  When the duel turns from a fight with honor to an assassination attempt, he flees and is rescued by his old general, Burgoyne.  In return, he asks Jack to re-enlist and serve his King and country once again with his fighting and intelligence skills.  Against his best judgement, Jack agrees.

The book follows Jack's adventures in America fighting against the Colonials.  There are spies within the top councils of the General, and Jack's job is to ferret them out.  There are allies from Germany, organizations such as the Illuminati whose loyalty is at question, beautiful women, and battles and military missions.  Jack's blood brother, the Iroquois Ate, fights by his side.  Will Jack be successful or will these be his last battles?

This is a rollicking historical fiction with a larger than life figure.  Absolute is many things; a rogue, a lover of beautiful women, a master spy and fighting machine.  Above all, he is a man of honor and a character the reader will fall in love with.  My first reaction after turning the last page was to immediately order more novels about Jack and his adventures.  The viewpoint of the American Revolution from the British standpoint was intriguing and unexpected.  This book is recommended for readers of historical and military fiction.

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