Thursday, July 12, 2012

The NEW New Rules by Bill Maher

Feeling a lack of snarkiness in your life?  Have no fear, Bill Maher is here.  The NEW New Rules is a compilation of Maher's observations on politics, education, American culture, food, sex, sports, the economy, history--you name it, Bill's got an opinion on it and it will probably make you laugh.

The book is arranged alphabetically.  In each chapter, observations having to do with a subject starting with that letter are arrayed.  Photographs are used to illustrate various points.  Most of the material comes from various prior writings but some material is written new for this book and each new observation is marked as such.

Love him or hate him, Maher will make you laugh.  The material is R-rated so this book is not recommended for children, but adults will be hard-pressed not to find something to make them smile, if not outright chortle.  This book is recommended for adult readers ready for some fun.

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Sarah said...

I think I'll check this one out! I love Bill Maher, I don't agree with everything he says but he IS funny! Thanks!