Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Big Bottom Blessing by Teasi Cannon

If one thing is sure, it is that most women dislike something about their body.  Some don't like their noses, others their hair.  But overwhelmingly, women are obsessed about their weight and peg their self-worth to the numbers on the scale.

Teasi Cannon was one of those women.  She has struggled with her weight all her life, and fought constantly with the negative, self-hating thoughts she had about her body.  How could anyone like her?  How could she possibly go have fun on the beach or in a hot tub?  Did her husband really love her, or was that just pity that made him stay with her?  Did her friends constantly talk about her behind her back?

My Big Bottom Blessing is not a diet and exercise book.  Rather it is a book about learning to accept that God loves each individual, no matter what their size or shape.  God doesn't judge on external appearances.  Once someone truly accepts that fact, size loses its focus.  Cannon discusses her life journey to get to that point, pointing out with humor and honesty her mistakes along the way. 

This book is recommended for readers of Christian literature, and for women struggling with body acceptance issues.  Each chapter outlines an issue, gives Cannon's experience with it, then talks about what the Bible says about it.  The chapter ends with discussion questions and motivating thoughts.  This book can be a help in changing self-images and thus worth the read, especially for those who are religious.

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