Saturday, July 23, 2011

With Just One Click by Amanda Strong

Amanda Strong explores what happens when three women decide to join the online world of Facebook.  Chloe is a career woman, successful at her reviewer job but not at relationships.  After she joins Facebook, an old love looks her up and sends her a Friend invitation.  Will stirring up old ashes reignite a new love?

Morgan is a stay-at-home wife who uses Facebook as a social outlet, finding validation of her life choices and advice from her friends on her life as a busy young mother.  One fly emerges in the Facebook ointment; her relationship with her husband becomes strained as she gets jealous over the women who chat with him; especially a former girlfriend from high school.

Brynn has it all; two teenage children and a successful husband; a big house and no money worries.  But she is feeling left out and lonely and strikes up a friendship on Facebook that has to potential to tear her family apart.

Amanda Strong has cleverly used the microscope of this increasingly familiar social networking site to examine the way women support each other, find love and dissension, and filter their lives through the way others view them.  She examines the positive and negative sides of the site, leaving the reader with the realization that Facebook just shines a light into whatever is going on in people's lives; it can neither make nor break their relationships.  This book is recommended for romance readers and for those interested in the effect of technology on modern lives.


Samantha said...

Thanks for the review Sandie!

amanda strong said...


I appreciate you taking the time and reading the book! I'm happy you enjoyed it!