Monday, July 25, 2011

Releasing Gillian's Wolves by Tara Woolpy

Nearing fifty, Gillian Sachs feels that she doesn't know what she wants.  She has been trapped in a loveless marriage for years due to her husband's multiple affairs.  She hasn't left him, though, since he is a Senator and the breakup would be front-page news and she doesn't know any other life.  She paints but has never exhibited since she wasn't sure if it would be her talent getting a show or the novelty of a political wife being an artist.

In the middle of Jack's latest reelection run, it becomes more than Gillian can bear as she watches him start an affair with a campaign intern younger than their own daughter.  Gillian agrees to stay until after the election, but moves out to a cabin on their property.  Most of the money in the marriage is hers, so that isn't an issue. 

After the election, Gillian slowly starts to rebuild her life.  She reunites with her daughter, their estrangement a casualty of her daughter's refusal to have anything to do with her father.  Gillian goes to Amsterdam to visit friends, and while there starts painting again.  She also meets Luke, a well-known sculptor who starts to make her feel alive again.

As she starts to heal, everything back home falls apart.  Jack is involved in scandal and this time the FBI are also involved.  Gillian is called back home by the various law enforcement agencies doing the investigation.  Will she find the strength to break away or will Gillian be pulled back into Jack's sordid world?

Tara Woolpy has created a strong, sympathetic character in Gillian.  She embodies the longing many have as they reach their middle years to find what really matters in life to them, and to take whatever chances are needed to live their lives happily.  This book is recommended to readers who are also searching for that magical something that makes lives interesting and vital.

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