Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spark The Stone Man by Asya Pekurovskaya

In Spark The Stone Man, children are introduced to the two lands of Granite Mountain and Lemon Drop Valley.  As the names imply, Granite Mountain is a cold, hard place where the stonemasons work t force stone from the mountain to make objects.  In Lemon Drop Valley, life is much more pleasant with warm weather and contented inhabitants.

Spark, a young stonemason, has always dreamed of visiting Lemon Drop Valley.  He learns the secret pathway and manages to go there.  While there he manages to see a grand wizard, the mouse who is the wizard's boon companion, and the love of his life, Stella, the beautiful.  Life is full of fantasy and magic.

This is the first book of a proposed six book series.  The story will interest children and the full-page color illustrations by Olga Titova bring the story to life delightfully.  This book is recommended to those reading to young children, or young readers up to pre-teen years.

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