Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crossing Borders by Michael Ferris

Michael Ferris grew up wanting only one thing; to learn to play classical guitar.  To fulfill his wish, his family let him leave for Europe when he was seventeen to take lessons from world-class guitarists.  Crossing Borders is Ferris's story of his journeys and the people and cultures he came to know as a young man.

Ferris lived in Austria for several years, usually in a series of student hostels and shared apartments.  He learned to eat new foods and to accept the mores of other cultures.  One of his closest friends was an Egyptian man who was also a student.  Ferris's parents had taken a trip to Egypt, and he was as fascinated with that land as they were.

His friend invited him to Egypt to visit for several weeks.  His story of waking up to see the pyramids in the distance, and his encounters with aggressive street hawkers was quite interesting.  He learned to speak Arabic quite well, but was shocked when this garnered him extra security entering the country. 

Other places Ferris spent time included Morocco, where he and his bride spent their honeymoon and southern Italy where they lived for a time.  In each location, he learned to appreciate the culture and rules of the people living there, and to enjoy their food and music.

This book is recommended for those who love to travel and for those who are armchair travelers.  Ferris's appreciation for the various cultures he encounters are interesting and informative and the reader will close the book with a better understanding of those living in other lands.


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