Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Austin by David M. Perkins

In every parent's life, there comes the bittersweet time when their child grows up and leaves.  This may happen when a child goes to college or the military, or just moves out and starts their own life in their own living quarters.  While, as parents, our biggest job is to raise our children to be fully functioning adults, it is also difficult to end the years of dependence on the parents' wisdom and everyday guidance.

Dear Austin is David M. Perkins' letter to his son as Austin leaves his home to start his adult life in college.  David covers all the themes we want to share with our kids.  He talks of love, career, choices and beliefs.  He asks only that his son consider what he wants of life and then follow his own dreams, drawing on the gifts his parents gave him for eighteen years to make his own way in the adult world.

This is a beautiful book.  It will be a rare parent who doesn't feel a tug at their heartstrings when reading this, and a rare young adult that can't benefit from it's honest portrayal of the next stage of life.   In addition to being a great read, it is a great gift for other parents as they also move through this time.  This book is recommended for all readers.

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David M. Perkins said...

Thank you, Sandie. I truly appreciate your generous words. I hope your readers agree.

Warmest regards,