Friday, November 12, 2010

And The Pursit Of Happiness by Maira Kalman

And The Pursuit Of Happiness is artist Maira Kalman's celebration of democracy and the founding fathers.  Part art book, part graphic novel, the reader will be drawn through her exploration of what democracy means in the United States, and learn about the lives of many of the prominent men who created our amazing system of government.

Many readers will recognize Kalman's unique artistic renderings.  She is a frequent provider of New Yorker magazine covers.  She illustrates children's books, and her work has been featured in museums and by designers in their lines.  She uses vibrant colors and Grandma Moses-like depictions of scenes for striking illustrations that are memorable.  Inspired by the inauguration of Barack Obama, this book is her tribute to the democracy and the people that made his election possible.

There are chapters devoted to various Founding Fathers.  The book is organized by months.  January is devoted to the Obama inauguration.  February is devoted to Abraham Lincoln while March celebrates the philosophical underpinnings of democracy and its forms such as town halls.  April is about the laws of the land.  May discusses our military and the price we owe these brave defenders of freedom.  June discusses Thomas Jefferson and his many interests, while July is devoted to Benjamin Franklin and other scientists and inventors.  August is about the explorers who discovered America and the issues surrounding immigration today.  September talks about cities; specifically New York City.  October covers Congress, while November is devoted to our national foods.  December is reserved for George Washington.

This book is recommended for all readers.  Everyone will learn new facts and the knowledge is imparted in a breezy fashion that make the learning fun.  The illustrations are vivid, brilliant, amazing.  Maira Kalman has created a visual feast and we are the richer for it.


Heather J. @ TLC Books said...

This sounds like an absolutely WONDERFUL book! I'll definitely be adding it to my Christmas list.

Thanks for being a part of the book tour!

Frances said...

Just loved the book, and it would make a wonderful gift for the holidays.