Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lumby Lines by Gail Fraser

Mark and Pam Walker are at a crisis in their marriage.  They've let their careers take over their lives, and don't have time for each other.  Realising this, they resolve to change their lives.  While vacationing, they discover the burnt-out framework of an old monastery and hatch the plan of restoring it and opening a bed and breakfast inn. 

Their new venture is located in a quaint, charming village in the Northwest.  Surrounded by orchards, Lumby boasts a small, vibrant town with residents who have known each other for years.  Most of the residents are not sure about the Walkers, and what their restoration project will mean to the town and its people.

As Mark and Pam work, they start to develop relationships.  They meet several of the former monks who lived in their new residence, and learn about orchard management, beekeeping and the history of the abbey from them.  Several contractors and craftsmen become friends as they are employed by the couple.  There are also other couples their age in town who have common interests.  But they are not welcomed by all.  Some residents refuse to talk with them and give them the cold shoulder. 

Gail Fraser has written a charming story that draws the reader in and leaves them dreaming about their own dream plans for a new life.  The characters are believable and the reader closes the back cover glad to have spent time in this town.  The Lumby Lines, named after the town newspaper, is the first in an anticipated series.  It is recommended for readers looking for a cosy read that leaves them feeling content.

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