Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moonlight Falls by Vincent Zandri

Imagine this.  You're at home when your lover calls for you to come over.  You rush over, regardless of the fact that she's the wife of your ex-boss, who happens to be the head of Homicide in your town.  You make love and then hear the unthinkable: the front door opening and footsteps heading up the stairs, so you jump out the window and head home.

Add in one fact: you're an ex-cop who had to leave the force due to brain damage.  Brain damage that was caused when you failed to commit suicide by shooting yourself in the head, and that leaves you with blackouts and the propensity for making bad decisions. 

An hour later, your ex-boss calls.  He wants to hire you as a part-time consultant, as he has done off and on since you had to leave the force.  The crime?  His wife, Scarlet, has been found butchered in her bed--the bed you just left.  Unfortunately, you can't remember if you witnessed the crime, or maybe even committed it.  Can you find the answer before more tragedy occurs?

Vincent Zandri has created a compelling narrator.  The reader is drawn into the web the same as Richard Moonlight, the ex-detective is, and is as unable to break free of the action as he is.  The plot is intricate, the pace spellbinding.  This book is recommended for any and all mystery readers; it is easily one of the best I've read lately. 

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