Friday, March 26, 2010

First Family by David Baldacci

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have been hired to help on the hottest crime around.  The President's niece, Willa, has been kidnapped in a home invasion and her mother killed.  Willa's dad, Tuck, is the First Lady's brother.  Jane Cox, the First Lady, has known Sean for years and trusts him to work on the case without political bias.

Sean and Michelle, private investigators who both retired from the Secret Service, are thrown into the fray.  Was this a kidnap for ransom?  A terrorist plot to force concessions from the President?  Or a crime focused personally on Willa's family and the desire to hurt her parents?  It is unclear what kind of crime the two are dealing with.

Far away in Alabama, Sam Quarry has his own problems.  He has a daughter who has been in a coma for thirteen years.  His son is a deserter from the Army and not exactly heir material.  Sam's other 'family' are Ruth Ann and Gabriel, her son.  Ruth Ann has been the Quarry housekeeper for years, and Gabriel has grown up in the household.  How does this family's troubles fit in with those of the Cox family?

This is the seventeenth novel by David Baldacci, and Sean and Michelle are repeat characters, first seen in his bestseller, Simple Genius.  Baldacci delivers as always, an action-packed thriller that saves a punch of excitement for the final revelations.  This book is recommended for suspense lovers who enjoy fast-paced action.

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emilyscott said...

This sounds fantastic ! I honestly can’t wait I hope there isnt too much wait for it to be shown in the UK but the second it does you can count on me watching it.

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