Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass

Kira Solomon is a Shadowchaser.  She knew even as a child that she was different.  She could sense the truth about people by touching them, and could discover truth from inanimate objects as well.  When she reached puberty, her power increased to the point where her touch became deadly to humans.  That's when the Gilead Commission stepped in, took over guardianship and trained her to fight the beings steeped in Shadow.

Kira is given a dagger of enormous power by her handler that he has come into possession of.  He is killed once he gives her the dagger by the forces that have come to Earth to steal the dagger and its power.  Kira is left with the dagger and the knowledge that an Avatar of one of the Fallen will stop at nothing to get the weapon so that he can take control of Earth.

She is sidetracked when a new player enters the game.  Not sure who he is or what he wants, Kira fights him also, but soon realises that he is the true owner of the dagger.  This is Khefar, a Nubian warrior who has lived for four thousand years, cursed to remain alive until he has saved the same number of lives that he has taken over the years.  His companion is a demigod who is Anasi, the Spider God. 

Khefar and Kira join forces to fight Enig, the Avatar who will kill anyone in his path.  Will they be able to defeat this powerful force, or will he gain the dagger and capture Kira for the Shadow side?

Seressia Glass has written an exciting entry into the urban fantasy genre.  Her heroine is a strong but believable character, and she is careful not to let the love story between Kira and Khefar overwhelm the story .  This book is recommended for urban fantasy and science fiction readers.

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