Friday, February 5, 2010

The Nightmare Navigator by Billy Bonsangue

Nightmares are a very real thing to many children, and parents who have children who suffer from nightmares know intimately how it can disrupt the entire family.  In The Nightmare Navigator, Billy Bonsangue uses verse and colorful pictures to list all the common nightmares that might be plaguing a child.  He lists scenarios like monsters under the bed, feeling like you're falling from a great height, something following you in the fog, and spooks in your bedroom at night.

But after listing all the horrors, the author turns the book around and lists ways the child can turn the scary situation around into one that is pleasureable.  Feel like you're falling?  Tell yourself you can fly and suddenly it's an amazing adventure.  A horrible beast in your room?  Welcome him and tell him you've been waiting to play with him.

I love this book!  The rhymes are catchy and the pictures bright and colorful.  I can see this book quickly becoming a favorite of children suffering from nightmares, with the request to read it each night before bedtime.  Parents will be pleased to find something that might help defuse the situation.  This book is recommended for children 5-10, and for parents looking for resources to help them help their child overcome fear of sleeping and nightmares.

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