Saturday, October 17, 2009

Angels by Chuck Fischer (R)

Angels is the latest pop-up book by Chuck Fisher, complementing others he's done such as Christmas In New York and Great American Houses and Gardens.  It is a stunning, gorgeous book that would make a perfect book to leave out for visitors to open and spend time with.

Each page opens to an amazing 3-D popup.  It's difficult to give the sense of how intricate and eye-catching each popup is.  These were done by Bruce Foster, a master paper engineer.  The reader can look at these again and again, finding something new to delight the eye on each viewing.

Along with the popup on each set of pages, there are informational sections on each set of pages.  The pages are broken into categories. The Origins Of Angels exploring the historical timelines and all the cultures that had a history of angels.   Angels as Messengers look at Biblical angel messengers such as the burning bush with Moses, or the angels that saved Daniel in the lion's den.  A Hierarchy Of Angels explains the six tiers of angels and the differences between such entities as cherubim, seraphim, thrones, dominions, virtues and powers.  There is an entire set of pages devoted to the Archangel Michael, with what I found to be the most visually appealing popup with rich red tones and an elaborate dragon.  The page for the Archangel Gabriel talks of how he was the one who told Mary her babe would be the Savior, and explores whether Gabriel is the only female angel.  There is a section on angels in art and music.  The final popup is on Angels of the Zodiac, with each sign assigned a specific angel.

This is an amazing book.  The intricate popups with their moveable parts, and the text explaining angels make this a feast for the eyes as well as the brain.  This book is recommended for all readers, and those who are able to view it are lucky indeed.

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